Preschool Valentines



I came up with a totally original idea for my Pre-schooler's Valentine's Day exchange! Okay, that's not true... not even a little bit... in fact there is almost nothing about this "idea" that is original. The only reason I am sharing this at all is because it is kinda funny.







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Heart Art- A Valentine's Project

Heart Art-A Kid Friendly Art Project

 This time of year it starts to feel like I live in a world that is entirely made up of shades of grey and brown. Sure, sometimes we get a fresh coat of white, but generally speaking things can seem a little drab. I think that may be the main reason why I enjoy decorating for Valentine's Day. It's a great excuse to add a little more color into my world while I try desperately to wait for Spring to come along.


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Making Crystal Hearts with the Kids


Making Crystal Hearts


 Our son absolutely loves it when we have a project to do together, and I really like it too... but sometimes, the slightly OCD side of me really struggles.  This was one of those projects.  I told him that we were going to make really special hearts for a Valentine's Day decoration.  Now don't get me wrong, I certainly wasn't expecting perfection from a 5 year old, but I my mistake was in expecting us to stick to the plan.  Hearts.  Hearts were the plan...





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Making Snowflake Window Clings with the Kids





 My little guy and I are big fans of those gooey window gel clings. We pick up a set for most Holidays and we have a great time with it.  As much as I love a good cheesy decoration, for me, the fun has always been in the fact that we were doing it together. So when I found out that we could make our own, I was pretty excited to try it out.



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