Luck of the Irish

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Caring for Cast Iron

2015-02-01 14.11.23350




I am a big fan of grilling, but living in Michigan, winter grilling is not for the faint of heart. I cannot believe it took me so long to discover the wonders of a cast iron grill pan!  We bought this amazing pan about 2 weeks ago, but figuring out how to care for it has been a learning experience.






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Conversation Stones



My Husband is a bit of a romantic. Yep, I am lucky enough to have found one of the few guys that actually likes to sit down and talk, he doesn't even get squirmy if we talk about feelings. :-) Sometimes we get stuck in the same rut I am sure most "married with children" types end up in. You know the routine, you talk about the kids, money, what's for dinner... but real conversations can be hard to come by at times.






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Making Crystal Hearts with the Kids


Making Crystal Hearts


 Our son absolutely loves it when we have a project to do together, and I really like it too... but sometimes, the slightly OCD side of me really struggles.  This was one of those projects.  I told him that we were going to make really special hearts for a Valentine's Day decoration.  Now don't get me wrong, I certainly wasn't expecting perfection from a 5 year old, but I my mistake was in expecting us to stick to the plan.  Hearts.  Hearts were the plan...





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