Run out of Jet Dry?

Run-out-of Jet-Dry

I swear LG and Jet Dry were in cahoots when my dishwasher was made.  I know dishwashers these days often come with a built in spot for rinse agent, but actually using it is supposed to be optional.  My dishwasher literally won't run the drying cycle if the rinse agent compartment is empty.  I am not a fan of spotty dishes, but I am REALLY not of fan of hand drying everything.



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How to Remove Damaged Veneer





I was recently commissioned to refinish a small end table. It had been found in a thrift store and had a peeling veneer top, but was otherwise a nice sturdy little table with a lot of potential. Oftentimes with old furniture the damaged veneer can be removed relatively easily, but you have to know the trick to it...








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Making Snowflake Window Clings with the Kids





 My little guy and I are big fans of those gooey window gel clings. We pick up a set for most Holidays and we have a great time with it.  As much as I love a good cheesy decoration, for me, the fun has always been in the fact that we were doing it together. So when I found out that we could make our own, I was pretty excited to try it out.



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DIY Sweater Pillows- Two Ways

DIY Sweater Pillows from Thrift Store Sweaters!



 Just thinking of winter here in Michigan makes me feel like snuggling up with comfy pillows, a cozy blanket, a big mug of hot chocolate, and good book.  Of course, not just any 'ole pillows will do.  They have to be just as comforting as this whole mental picture suggests, and personally I can't think of anything that fits this description better than sweater pillows. 





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