Simple Reupholstery DIY




Every now and then we are lucky enough to happen upon something that truly has nothing wrong with it.  Such is the case with these garage sale find bar stools.  They were in great condition, even perfectly clean and still a fantastic price.  The only problem was the simple fact that they were dull. 

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The Wonderful World of Spray Paint- Birdhouse





Welcome back to the Wonderful World of Spray Paint!  I am in love with this birdcage, but it definitely did not look like this when I found it.  Click the "continue reading" link to see the before & after.





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The Wonderful World of Spray Paint- Clock Makeover





This time of year we spend a lot of time wandering garage sales.  Obviously in this line of work we are always on the lookout for interesting pieces of furniture, but sometimes, buried between the piles of outgrown children's clothes and the old dried/fake floral arrangements, you can find an unexpected treasure.  Such is the case with the clock you see here.




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Bird on a Limb Dresser



I just love it when someone breaks a drawer and decides the rest of the dresser is worthless. :-) Found this sitting on the side of the road and gave it a makeover.  







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