Fall Leaf Jars

Create a beautiful and unique fall display. The Refurbished Home




I love decorating with nature, and I love fall colors, so when it comes time for fall decorating you can always expect an abundance of leaves to appear in my home. This year I am really enjoying this unique variation from my usual fall leaf display methods.









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The Easiest Way to Clean Up a Dropped Egg

A great tip to clean up a dropped egg without it just running all over the place.




The other day I was making breakfast and accidently dropped an egg on the floor. Of course it splattered all over and made a terrible mess. As I turned to my spice cabinet it occurred to me that I should share this nifty little trick.










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DIY First Aid/Bug Spray Storage Cabinet

Build this reclaimed wood outdoor storage cabinet to keep your bug spray and first aid supplies handy.




Sometimes it seems like my son and his neighborhood friends are more like children growing up in the 50’s. Sure, they watch cartoons and the play the occasional video game, but the vast majority of their play time is spent wandering and playing outside with nothing but their imaginations. We neighborhood parents love this.








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Reclaimed Fence Post American Flag

Create this Beautiful Rustic American Flag. Bonus Tutorial: How to make a Potato Stamp.


Labor Day is nearly here. For many, myself included, Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer. Here in Michigan, Labor Day is the last day before school starts. It is followed by cooler temperatures, fall storms, the changing of leaves… My family throws a big party to celebrate Labor Day Weekend, but once that passes I am finally ready to embrace the slow arrival of fall. To be honest, fall is quite possibly my favorite season, I just wish it didn’t mean that winter is on it’s way.

Anyhow, before I move onto fall projects I want to share one last summer DIY. Not to say that this has to be a summer project, but our American Flag always feels like summer to me. It brings to mind Memorial Day, Labor Day, and of course, the Fourth of July. Obviously it has a much deeper meaning and signifies so many important things, but it also makes me think of fireworks, hot dogs, family cookouts and late nights around the bonfire.



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