Outdoor Chair Makeover

Have your old metal chairs seen better days? Make them look brand new again!




I know I say this all the time, but seriously, we spend a lot of time in our backyard. One of our most frequently used spaces is our fire pit. Over the years we have tried several different types of chairs, but it turns out that a fire pit can be really hard on them. Despite the passing of several other styles, these boring black metal chairs have really stood the test of time. They spent many years at my parent’s home before being passed on to us, and we have had them for a decade.






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10 Amazing Ways to Totally Rock Your Yard

Amazing Outdoor Decor Ideas!


Everywhere I look I see signs of the approach of fall. The stores are filled with warm sweatshirts, long jeans, and school supplies. I am not ready to think about fall yet. When school begins my little will start attending Kindergarten full time. He is my only child so I find myself feeling both nervous about the new experience, and incredibly saddened by the fact that I will soon be without him all day.

He is elated. He is the most social child I have ever met and he could not possibly be more excited about going to school full time. I am happy for him, really I am, but I am just not ready to spend too much time thinking about fall yet.  




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Repurposed Wine Bottle Fence

Create a one of a kind decorative fence with recycled wine bottles.

 Wow, what a week! After being on vacation for a week, it feels really good to get back to work. Is it weird that I feel that way? I absolutely LOVED our vacation, wandering the Traverse Bay area in Northern Michigan, but sometimes it also feels really good to come home and get back into the regular routine. Of course it helps a lot that I love what I do. :-)  

So anyway, lets’ get to it… I have probably mentioned before that our house was built in 1940. New homes are wonderful and gorgeous, but I have always felt that older homes have so much more character.






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DIY Rustic Exterior Gallery Wall

This rustic exterior gallery wall was made almost entirely from DIY projects!




It’s finally time to share the full Exterior Gallery Wall! I am so excited to show you how it all came together.












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