10 Things I Learned from 10 Days of Vacation

There were several things that kept running through my mind, some are them are just plain silly, and a few are a bit more philosophical. Just bear with me as I take a small detour from the usual projects and such. www.TheRefurbishedHome.com

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Cafe Table Makeover

An old, worn out cafe table gets a fun new makeover! www.TheRefurbishedHome.com







A couple of years ago I bought an old café set at a garage sale. Now it finally got a makeover!
















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5 Tips for Better Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting is a pretty simple concept, but these 5 great tips will help ensure your experience is a bit more successful than mine was. www.TheRefurbishedHome.com






How do you measure the success of a kid’s art project? The actual end result of this activity was nothing like I has pictured in my head, but does it really matter? We had several hours of fun in the process so I am pretty sure that it was a success no matter what, but as an added bonus, I also learned a ton so that you can do better with the actual “art”.









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DIY Garden Arch

Repurposed bi-fold doors become a pergola style garden arch in just a few easy steps!




When Patrick and I bought our house the backyard was a neglected overgrown mess that gave the impression it may have been lovely garden at one time. We had big ideas for the space and while I had never in my life tried to grow a plant, I decided that I would save all of the original owner’s plants and use them in the garden we were going to build.

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