St. Patrick's Day Wood Cuff Bracelets

St. Patrick's Day Wood Cuff Bracelets- Kid Craft



I woke up a few days ago with this great idea for another fun kid-friendly project. Of course it's never really as simple as that...

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The Secret to Cleaning Microfiber

How to clean Microfiber


Spring is coming! Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, 45 degree day and I could finally feel that spring truly is on it's way. Spring brings to mind so many wonderful things; beautiful flowers, flip flops, the sun on my face... but it also reminds us that it is time for some serious spring cleaning.

Today I am starting a series that will help you make the most of your spring cleaning efforts so be sure to check back often for more great cleaning tips!







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DIY Shamrock Tree

DIY Shamrock Tree St. Patrick's Day decorationThe sun is shining, the snow is melting, and Spring is right around the corner. I love days like this! Living in Michigan we tend to not see nearly enough of the sun during the winter, and today it seems like I can feel the energy filling me up again.

Though it is technically a bit early, I see St. Patrick's Day as a sort of unofficial kick off to spring.


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DIY Mason Jar Soap Pump


Mason Jar Soap Pump


Don't you just love mason jars? I do, I use them for everything. Seriously, if you ever come to my house you will see them everywhere. We use them for our drinking glasses. I use them to store leftovers. I use a giant one as a pitcher when I make juice or tea. I keep my son's vitamins in a mason jar. I keep my baking soda in a mason jar.  I keep sugar next to the coffee maker in a mason jar. Now that I think about it, I may be a bit obsessive.  Maybe instead of telling you how to make a soap pump out of a mason jar I should seek professional help...



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