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About Terry

Creating Those Things That make Home Unique

The Refurbished Home was made as a project to share lessons learned with a lifetime of creative interest and a wish to create greener items to fill and decorate a home with. We live in a time where style changes so quickly, many great items get left behind and often find themselves in waste dumps and trash heaps. Instead, we should be making something wonderful with them.

How Did Terry Get To This Point?

Terry used to work in the real estate industry, selling houses and property every day. It was his job to make these places look presentable, homey, as though they could be lived in easily. One day, when looking to set up a home for such a display he opted to take a thrown out dresser and give it a quick lick of paint.

The results were surprisingly good, and this sparked something inside of him. Over time, he began to refurbish more and more abandoned and thrown-out furniture, putting it into many homes as well as into his own. Nowadays, it is something that he enjoys wiling away the hours with.

“Learning to make something wonderful with your own hands is a skill everyone should hold in their repertoire.”

Want To Know More?

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