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8 Tips on How to Prepare for A Cinema Date

The films are great. But they are usually packed with complex, character-driven narratives that can make it hard to follow. And sometimes, they just aren’t all that great. Still, there is no denying that a good cinema date can be pretty fun. And just like any date, you want to make sure you go with someone who will be fun to be with, and who you enjoy spending time with. The idea of a date at the movies is a classic romantic one, and there are a number of ways to make it even more special. Read more to know how to prepare…

  1. Plan BEFORE the day of the date. This is the first thing that you should do in order to impress your date, as it helps you to look organised. A list of film times is a good place to start. You can then choose the best time that suits both of you. An afternoon showing might be ideal if you want to go for lunch beforehand and keep things casual, whilst an evening showing might be perfect for going out for dinner after, but you need to know the time in advance so that you can book a table.
  2. Buy a ticket for them. If you’re planning on taking your date to the cinema, you should probably buy their ticket. The very least you can do is offer, as this shows you’re caring and thoughtful. If your date wants to buy their own ticket, allow them to do so, as this shows you respect their ability to pay their own way.
  3. Choose snacks you both like. The worst thing you can do is buy yourself salty popcorn without checking if your date likes it. You’ll be sitting scoffing your face, whilst they sit disappointed wishing you chose sweet. You could get individual buckets, but it’s more romantic to share, and one bucket of popcorn between you offers the perfect opportunity for your hands to brush against each other, so get a bucket you’ll both enjoy!
  4. Keep your hands (mostly) to yourself. The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to a cinema date is letting your hands get away from you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Like any other movie-going experience, a date night at the movies can quickly become a social and emotional minefield. Learning to navigate the waters of cinema etiquette is key to a good evening. So, refrain from doing anything inappropriate and just enjoy the film.
  5. Read and use some body language. Being able to read body language well is extremely important in modern relationships. It is easy to misinterpret speech, especially if you’re not used to their tone, but body language is more universal, so being able to read it is vital if you want to avoid any uncomfortable moments.
  6. Know when it’s acceptable to talk during the film. When you’re on a date, you might be concerned about keeping the conversation flowing, but in a cinema, things are a bit different. Remember, other people are trying to enjoy the film in peace, so save your chatter for after the film. It’s fine to make an odd comment when everyone is laughing, but otherwise, you need to stay quiet.
  7. Take your date for a bite to eat. If you want to continue being a step ahead of the game, then after you’ve had a fun and enjoyable time at the cinema, take your date for a bite to eat. Ice cream in the park, a stop by the local cafe, or even a candle-lit dinner are all options that will capture their attention and keep it whilst also giving you a chance to bond over your shared interests.
  8. Spice up that growing chemistry in you by trying something else. There are many other things you can do after the film that can be just as fun, romantic, or even more entertaining. We’ll leave this up to you, however, as we’re sure you can use your imagination!

There are a lot of things that come into play when you have someone to take to the movies with you. You have to arrange your schedule, pack the snacks and drinks, and find a way to sit in the theatre without having to fiddle with the armrests. The real trick is to make sure that you’re having fun without compromising on getting the best possible movie experience. So, sit back and relax – you’re stuck now until the credits roll!

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