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Change The Look of Your Sofa Without Buying a New One

As it gets older, your sofa might start looking a little shabby and tired. It could start to look outdated and unfashionable, but what if you don’t want to replace it? Well, that’s okay! There are plenty of ways you can breathe new life into an old sofa.

You might want to change the cover, the colour, or maybe even try to change the pattern. You might be wondering how on earth you can do this without buying a completely new sofa, but believe it or not, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to give the impression of a brand new couch.

You may have recently redecorated your living room and your sofa no longer matches the theme. This is a common problem, but it’s not the end of the world. With a little creativity, you can incorporate new elements into the design without having to shell out for a new sofa. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to refresh a room without losing the sofa you love.

So, what are the steps you should follow in order to change the look of your sofa without buying a new one?

If you’re on a tight budget and you can’t afford much, the quickest and cheapest fix is to buy some new cushions and throws. This trick would work equally well for both your indoor as well as outdoor sofas. In case you think this might not be a good idea for the sofas set in the backyard or garden, as the wind may blow them away, it’s time you look up some tips shared on websites similar to Think NOO.

Moving on, the best part about adding cushions and throws is that they can hide an old pattern or stains that won’t come out, whilst also adding a fresh look. They’re also useful for staying cosy in the winter and can be taken off and washed if food or drink is spilled or if pets bring mud and grass in. Chuck it all in the wash and re-plump the cushions occasionally and it’ll stay looking fresh for years to come. You could also look to making your own cushions if you wanted to have more personalized cushions for your couch. This can be easily done by searching for a fabric pattern and a fabric cutter that could help you turn some nice fabric into the perfect cushions for your sofa.

Another quick fix is to clean the upholstery. If you have a fabric sofa, the whole thing can be shampooed by a professional. This will dissolve any built-up oil and dead skin that has worked its way into the fabric. This will then all be vacuumed out, along with years worth of accumulated dust, leaving the fabric brighter and fresher. If you take a look at the water that gets sucked out, you might be shocked at the colour of it. This shows how important it is to clean the fabric often to ensure your sofa is always looking its best.

If you have a leather sofa, the process is a little different. Over time, leather sofas can crack and dry out. If the leather doesn’t look too bad, you can simply use a leather wipe to clean it all down. When you look at the wipe after, it may come away looking pretty dirty. This shows the amount of dirt that has built up, but after a good wipe down the leather should be left shiny and soft. For leather that needs a bit more TLC, it may require a professional clean. A professional can restore the leather with the help of something like URAD leather conditioner, which should help to moisturise the leather, leaving it less susceptible to cracking. Remember, leather is a natural material, so it needs looking after.

If you’ve replaced the cushions and given the upholstery a good clean but the pattern isn’t working for you, another option that won’t break the bank is to fit a cover over your sofa. A cover slips over the existing fabric like a pillow slip, hiding the fabric underneath. This is a good option if you don’t like the look of throws, or if you really hate the colour of your sofa. They need to be made to measure, so come at a little extra cost, but they’re much cheaper than replacing the sofa entirely, and they can be taken off and washed when necessary. This is perfect if you have messy kids or pets, or if you’re just a bit messy yourself!

OOne final option is to reupholster your sofa. This can be an expensive option, so it’s not worth it if your sofa was cheap in the first place. If you have a valuable sofa, however, reupholstery is the best option. Your sofa may be an antique and in need of restoration, in which case replacing the fabric is going to be much cheaper than trying to find a new sofa to replace it. Antique sofas are often one-of-a-kind, so to find a new one would cost the earth. They usually aren’t fully upholstered either, with older styles tending to include wooden legs or arms, so it might not actually be as expensive as you might think.

We often buy new clothes for our old furniture because we think it looks better. But what happens when the new clothes don’t “fit” with the old furniture anymore? Well, you could go for something more neutral, or you can invest in a new sofa, especially if your old sofa set is no longer firm and stable. In which case, you can explore various available options through an online search, or you can click here for a guide to various sofa designs, sizes, pricing, etc.

If you are like most people, you probably don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a new couch every few years. They say you should not buy a piece of furniture, but you should think about it if you always buy the same furniture. Why? Simply put, you don’t want the same thing every year, so why not change the look of your couch and save money.

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