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A Home Heating Solution That Doesn’t Lose Heat

There are many home heating solutions out there that are inefficient. We have, however, come across an example of a heating system that is extremely efficient. This is because it uses radiant heat while it heats our floor.

For further information on floor heating systems, beyond the scope of this article, follow the link.

An Electric Flooring Solution

It is possible to heat your floor without pumping out heat that contains the kinds of dust particles that will annoy and irritate asthma or dust allergy sufferers. An electric floor heating system will work by using a process that produces radiant heat that is capable of consistently heating an area. If you are always getting cold feet, then this will be your home solution to heating.

The floor heating system will slightly elevate your flooring but will otherwise fit in well with your surroundings and not spoil any look aesthetically. They are only about 1/8 inch thick, so there is minimal floor elevation.


Now let us look towards an energy-efficient solution. The solution is, in fact, a system that produces radiant heat. No heat is lost with this kind of system, compared to one that blows out air. That kind of system will invariably be susceptible to leakage in its ductwork. A heating engineer will tell you that.

Another reason an electric floor heating system is energy-efficient is because of the short amount of time it takes to heat up. Electric floor heating systems will typically only take between 30 and 60 minutes to heat up. Users can program a thermostat, have a Wi-Fi one even, or manually turn things up and down as required. It is an effective way to control our heating and relate it to our family situation. It cannot typically be possible to achieve the same with a hydronic alternative in terms of floor heating. The necessity to leave the system on continuously would not prove to be energy-efficient and would also prove costly in terms of wasted energy.

The Need to Rethink Your Floorspace and Heating

The good thing about going for heated flooring as a home improvement is that it requires you to reconsider many aspects of your home situation, including your flooring. You will, anyway, need to replace your existing flooring first before you can install a radiant floor heating system. This allows you to think about the best type of flooring that you should go for at the same time. It also makes you think how energy-efficient you could be in lots of other ways with your new home. Moreover, you can consider other options like boiler heating or furnace heating, which generally burns oil to radiate the required amount of heat. With the increasing fuel prices, people tend to avoid using such machines, however, with a perfect oil budget plan with the assistance of firms like Romeo’s fuel (, prices can be kept under check.

What makes a furnace a good choice for heating is that it warms up the air that is then distributed throughout the house via ductwork. The atmosphere generated, as a result, is not unevenly hot or cold. Furnaces also have a relatively long lifespan, making them a prudent investment. You could even go for an electric furnace. It might take up less space and prove to be energy-efficient. If you have the space and money for it, there are many providers that can help with Furnace installation in Twin Falls, ID, or other surrounding regions.

The sun is a free source of energy, and we should make more use of it where possible. We now must think more about the environment. We can liken this thought to how less energy is lost using radiant floor heating as opposed to heating that blows out air and everything else with it. In terms of the latter, we can consider that there are health benefits also attached to using electric floor heating.

Home heating is just not necessarily about the power source, although that matters too, but also about the way our heat is produced. The efficiency and ability to spread heat quickly of a gas furnace may be better than those of an electric heater. Generally, they heat air at higher temperatures, making them better alternatives for cold climates. It is important to get inspected by expert professional providers like Hollenbach Oil for service and annual maintenance service for your heating system. Fixing the entire system would save you 10 percent of your total bill. During this service, it is wise to check the entire ignition system and the air filters used. If required, it is better to replace the filters to ensure the maximum functioning of the system. Gas furnaces are likely to require more frequent maintenance because they burn inflammable gases. It is recommended to contact a furnace maintenance company (such as Brooks Heating and Air offers Furnace Tune ups in Manassas) regularly for inspecting and repairing the heating system.

To lose any of our heat is the equivalent of not having any insulation in our attic. We need to prevent heat loss wherever possible, and by heating our floors, every bit of the warmth created is retained for our comfort. When the weather is cold, we want and need to feel cozy for it to count as comfortable and pleasant living. We do not want to lose any energy that we are paying for with our energy bills souring. Not only would we pay, so would the environment, when we must produce more of that energy to compensate.

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