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Exciting Ways to Change the Design of Your Kitchen to Make it More Beautiful and Practical

Many kitchens could benefit from a rethink. This is not just in respect of how they look but how handy everything that we use within them is to find and use. If we have moved into a home that was someone else’s idea, then we will be keen to change it so that it best fits our identity. Also, with a kitchen, we need to think practically and ergonomically.

Everyone at kitchen remodeling Long Island NY is there to assist householders who are wanting to change things for the better to make their kitchen a place that is more beautiful, purposeful, and a nice place to relax and enjoy a meal such as breakfast.


How our kitchen looks matters just as much as our other rooms, if not more so because it is a space that we spend a lot of time in. This can be when we are preparing food, eating food, and then washing dishes later on. Depending on whether we elected the dishwasher option. To enhance the look of a kitchen, we can incorporate fancy lighting, a vintage dining table set, a few ornamental centerpieces, flower pots, etc. We can also explore wall hangings and artwork online, for instance, search on the internet – artwork to hang in my kitchen or similar phrases, to get various options with a price range.

Our breakfast tends to be eaten in the kitchen, whereas an evening meal might be eaten in the dining room. It is useful to incorporate a kitchen hatch between the kitchen and dining room to pass food and plates through. That is when a loved one is standing in the other room and wanting to make themselves useful.

Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is where a kitchen surface is in the middle of the kitchen instead of along the edges. It is nice to have something to walk around and that you have good access to from different angles and that can provide extra storage space. Your large appliances, such as cookers, fridges, and dishwashers can go around the outside and fit together perfectly without wasting any space. To help with arranging the plumbing right and also to install the dishwasher correctly, you may need the help of licensed plumbers from the likes of Brisbane Plumbing & Drainage. If you try to DIY it, things may not sit right which could end up causing plumbing problems in the kitchen.

Kitchen islands represent an area that you can sit around too. When movable, they provide versatility to a kitchen area.

The kitchen island concept dates back to the 1800s and the traditional European home but it was in the 1930s that it was considered to have been invented by Franklin Lloyd Wright, who designed it for a client who wanted to stay in touch with their guests while a meal was being prepared. You could use it for this purpose too, but you may need to hire a contractor like Multi-M if you’re thinking of making a big change, as it may require extensive building work.

Kitchen Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards will keep everything out of sight, although sometimes it can be nice to have kitchen items on display and add to the look of a kitchen. That is both the aesthetics and the ambience of a kitchen. This makes them handy to grab too. In the not-so-distant past, people would make displays of copper kitchen items, but these days it tends to be more modern-looking items that can be used in food preparation. Perhaps also cookie jars on one of the tops as a nice feature.

Kitchen Surfaces

Many materials are considered suitable for kitchen tops, known as countertops. Some can be the real thing, whereas others are made to look like the real thing. It depends on your budget and the longevity that you want from the surface. Certain materials are more durable than others.

In restaurants, they will use stainless steel worktops for their heat resistance and durability. When you do a lot of cooking, they can make the ideal home choice too. The high level of chromium and nickel contained within stainless steel gives it both heat and stain resistance.

Natural granite is a popular choice for kitchen surfaces as a durable option. More recently, engineered granite has gained in popularity. It is also extremely durable and both heat and scratch-resistant. This is what we will want from our kitchen surface when it has to withstand much food preparation. Different shades and patterns are available to suit all tastes and satisfy the appearance side of our kitchen too.

Kitchen Floors

If you are looking for a durable material for your kitchen floor, then look no further than ceramic tiles. It is hard and durable as a flooring choice. It is impervious to water, which is a good thing inside a kitchen where the sink is located, and drinks might be spilt. As well, ceramic tiles are resistant to breaking and heat. A ceramic tile is capable of lasting indefinitely without much change to its appearance or functionality over time.

Well, of course, more insight can be gained on the same by getting in touch with a reputed builder, possibly from a firm similar to VL Builders (, who specializes in remodeling. He can provide better ideas based on the condition of your house and the climatic conditions of the place you live in.

As far as ongoing maintenance goes, ceramic tiles, linoleum, and wood are common choices for kitchen flooring. Linoleum represents an inexpensive option and is also a wipe-clean surface that is available in a range of designs. This again satisfies us when we are thinking of our kitchen look as well as the practicalities in terms of living and working in the space. Given the choice, ceramic tiles are better when your budget can stretch to them.

How you can redesign your kitchen is down to your imagination and that of the people that your hire to make it happen. Above are a few ideas to get you started.

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